"I had an amazing month with Lupe in her gorgeous apartment in Poblado! Her apartment is located next to several bus lines so it was very easy for me to move around town. I took amazing walks through the "Altos de Poblado" region and enjoyed incredible views of the city. Lupe keeps her apartment very clean and the food was delicious!! I would recommend her highly to anyone wanting to study in Medellin and have the full Colombian family experience! She is both a wonderful hostess and friend. I will definitely visit her again the next time I come to Medellin."
Katherine Coder, United States. August 2013

Margaret (right)
"I stayed with Lupe for a few weeks in June/July while I was working as a volunteer in Medellin. I loved it there! The food was great, the room comfortable, but nothing compares to the company that Lupe provides. The apartment really did feel like home. It's a perfect place for someone looking to practice their Spanish and who wants a 'family' in Medellin. 5 stars!"

"Me quedé con Lupe por unas semana en Junio/julio mientras trabajaba como voluntario en Medellin. Me encantó quedarme allí! La comida fue buena, la habitacion comoda pero nada con comparacion con la amistad de Lupe. El apartamento parece un su hogar. Es casa perfecta por alguien quien quiere practicar el espanol y quiere una familia en Medellin. 5 estrellas!"
Margaret Hayward, United States. June - July 2013

"I stayed here in May 2013. Lupe's apartment is great. It is located in a very safe part of Medellin and there is easy access to different parts of the city. There is good transport access with a bus stop right nearby and there is also the option of walking. The city is very green and there is a great view of the surrounding mountains. Lupe is lovely and I felt like a member of the family. You are going to feel very happy here."
Charles, United States. May 2013

Joggie and Kate

"I stayed with Lupe in April 2013 for 3 weeks while I took private Spanish classes and it was a great homestay. My room had a private bathroom which was a real luxury, but kind of nice. It took me less than 20 minutes by bus to my class and she had dinner and breakfast for me whenever I needed it. She was more than happy to patiently sit with me while I practiced my Spanish. The apartment is really comfortable and has enough space to feel you can have your own time when you need it. Highly recommended." 
Kate Follington, Australia. April 2013 

"I thoroughly enjoying my six month stay in Casa Lupe in 2011.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I came back for another five months in 2013! Doña Lupe is super friendly and helpful, and the apartment (more like a house really – it’s huge) is very comfy and always spotlessly clean.  I especially enjoyed the lazy afternoons on the balcony, learning a few Spanish words and enjoying the superb view of Medellin while sipping on some Aguardiente.  Dinners were always something to look forward to – varied and tantalizingly interesting, always with fresh fruit juice.  Don't worry if your Spanish isn't up to scratch or you don't know any Spanish at all. I arrived in 2011 with probably 5 Spanish words to my name - it's amazing how you can communicate with sign language if necessary! So if you want to make a Colombian friend for life and a great place to stay, this is it. There’s just no point in wasting your time looking for something else!" 
Joggie van der Merwe, South Africa. January - June 2011; January - May 2013


"I stayed with Lupe for ten days in February 2013 while I took private lessons at ABC Spanish.
I was a bit nervous at first because I could only say a few things in Spanish and was feeling rather homesick at the time. However, it turned out that there was nothing to worry about. I was immediately made to feel part of the family on arrival. Lupe´s warmth easily overcame the language barrier, and her home proved to be the perfect cure for homesickness.
Lupe lives in a gorgeous and cosy house apartment with a great view of the city, in a very quiet and safe neighbourhood. There´s a bus stop right outside which made getting around really easy. She has a long-term local university student staying with her who can speak English, which was great for the times when Spanish got way too complicated.
I reallly enjoyed Lupe´s patience. Despite my very basic Spanish, she was always happy to sit and talk with me for hours on end.
I had an awesome time during my 10 days at Lupe´s in Medellin. I made alot of progress with my Spanish and felt like I gained a second family."  
Xiamin Liang, New Zealand. February 2013

2 comentarios:

  1. I stayed with Dona Lupe for two months (Oct/Dec-13) while I had private Spanish classes at Medellin Language Academy school. I couldn't have chosen a better place to host me. The apartment is gorgeous, huge, very comfortable and clean. From the large balcony you can view the city and its beautiful mountains. I took good photos of the city lit up at night.
    All meals are delicious! With regional fruit juices, breakfast with "arepas", toast, jams and the traditional Colombian coffee. I'm really miss it all...
    The transport access is very good and practical, either by bus (right in front of the building) or by taxi, which is very cheap. Also, if you prefer walking, the "El Poblado" neighborhood (where the apartment is located) is the best and safest of Medellin. Furthermore, it's very close to two modern shopping malls, supermarkets, parks and ATMs. The neighborhood and the city are very clean and green. The weather is perfect!
    Dona Lupe makes all the difference. She is cheerful, helpful and a very friendly person. Don't worry if you don't speak Spanish very well, because she will do everything to help you. Many times we talked for hours after meals or watching TV. In few minutes after meeting her you will feel like in your own home.

    Believe me. Don't waste your time looking for another place. I guarantee you'll love it, and you'll want to come back, because this will be your new family in Medellin.

    Clovis, Brazil. Oct/Dec - 2013

  2. I had an amazing time in El Poblado. As a German exchange student I came to Medellin for 5 months to experience the Colombian culture and student life. This apartment was part of my daily life and I loved it. Lupe is a really warmhearted, careful and energetic Colombian woman who looks after everything you need to feel comfortable.

    Lupe prepares the BEST fresh natural juices of lulo (an exotic fruit you need to try when you are in Colombia!), mango etc.!!! Every morning she prepared "arepa con huevo, tomate y queso" for me. This is a typical "paisa" breakfast and I am happy to have had this wonderful experience of living the real Colombian life.

    The apartment is huge, well-located and the building is with adorable doormen 24/7 who will try to answer every question you have. The quarter is one of safest places in Medellin. You can reach various shopping malls, places of interest and metro stations within 10-30 minutes. I needed about 20 minutes to get to Universidad EAFIT.

    Please trust me and the other testimonials... THIS apartment is really worth it!

    Schwelm, Germany in December 2014.